Imagine going to the doctor for a regular visit and getting a blood test to check for early cancer.

Our long term goal is for Cchek™ to be added to routine blood work.

Confirmatory Testing

Existing screening tests generate high false positives, resulting in follow-on testing that can be:





As a confirmatory diagnostic used after conventional screening, Cchek™ will reduce or eliminate invasive, painful and sometimes risky procedures.

Treatment Monitoring

Uncontrolled growth and rapid cellular replication causes many cancers to spread (metastasize). Cancers are also known to mutate over time, becoming resistant to certain treatments.

Cchek™ could be used to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatments, helping doctors keep up with or get ahead of the cancer.

Recurrence Monitoring

There are over 15 million cancer survivors living in the US. Most survivors live in fear their cancer will recur. Limitations, such as repeated exposure to radiation and high costs of testing, prohibit cancer survivors from being tested as often as they would like.

For cancer survivors, Cchek™ will mean peace of mind.

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